With increased awareness comes increased responsibility, and the
crew at Brothers Tahiti is devoted to doing its part to contribute to a
sustainable world.

Surfing is all about being close to nature and Brothers Tahiti wants to
spread the love and respect for nature; particularly the ocean. 

We do our best to keep our products as earth-friendly as possible, and
hope to spread the vibe of love and respect for the sea and the planet
as a whole. 
We care about the environment. Therefore we make sure to use sustainable
materials and use resource-saving processes in the manufacture of our

With print-on-demand and drop shipping we contribute to minimizing environmental impact.

Overproduction not only is a waste of valuable resources, above
all it is avoidable. Print-on-demand is much more sustainable in its
basic principle in comparison to mass production.

It means:  products are only produced after customers places an order.

Moreover it saves CO2 by eliminating one shipping route as finished products are shipped directly to our customers.