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The brand was born in November 2005 in the surfing “capital” of the world:  the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. The founders of the company— brothers Teiva and Malik Joyeux— decided to start a brand together, thinking that it would be a good longterm project for them. Both  were professional athletes in watersports, Malik was a surfer, and Teiva an allround waterman (excelling in windsurfing, kiteboarding, surfing, tow-in surfing and surfing).

The idea to call the brand Brothers Tahiti was instantaneous. Just a few days after Teiva and Malik had been brainstorming on the project, Malik passed away while surfing at the notorious surfspot  “Pipeline” on Oahu´s north shore.

In the aftermath of the tragic loss of Malik, Teiva and his family were profoundly touched by the outpouring of love. The “spirit of aloha” was palpable, and the beauty and authenticity of the surfing community’s sympathy was touching.

Already then, Teiva made a promise to himself that he would see it through with the Brothers Tahiti project, and he decided the project would be a tribute to his brother. Now, 15 years later, the Brothers Tahiti Project is truly coming alive. Welcome to the brotherhood.


Brothers: represented both of them and also the community, open to the people who would like to be part of it.

The Tahiti part of the name: Growing up in Tahiti, both brothers wanted to express their love for their home.  

The logo: is symbolizes unity; “we are one.” The star is symbolic of the universe and the space where we live, and which we are all part of.

The O and X: in the center of star come together to create the symbol of humanity. “Brothers Tahiti is the bridge between the ocean and land, we live on land but our kingdom is the Ocean.”

We are a brand that aims to bring people together. The surfing community is a tightly knit community with the same focus: to enjoy each others´ company and have fun in the waves. What you love you want to care for and protect, and Brothers Tahiti wants to raise environmental awareness and inspire people to take action to protect the ocean and everything in it. 

tahiti soul apparel


After being a professional sponsored watersports athlete for many years, Teiva decided to create a clothing brand that would represent his core values of respect for nature and love of surfing and sports in general. 

With products that feel great, look great and function great, Brothers Tahiti’s primary commitment is sustainability, environmental awareness, and minimizing negative impacts on nature. It is important to us to not be “just another surf-wear brand”, but rather to be an athleisure-brand that inspires towards greater community, environmental awareness and action.

We hope that by purchasing a product you will become not only be a brand ambassador but most importantly an ocean ambassador; dedicated to protecting the waves and nature we all love.